US Gov. Politics

The biggest issues in U.S. politics include the upcoming presidential and other elections. This is a big year for these events, and many pundits are wondering who will be president for the next four years. Obama’s approval ratings are at an all time low, and the Occupy Wall Street movement has consistently grown in popularity, highlighting the disenfranchisement of many voters.


The biggest concern in this year has to do with the upcoming presidential election. The Republicans are currently campaigning, and several candidates are in the running for the top spot. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, is an early favorite for this job. Rick Perry is another contender, and has done well as the Governor of his home state of Texas. This state has been known to produce several presidents, notably the Bushes. Several other people are in the running, including Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann.


President Obama has had his approval ratings steadily decline over the years, but he’s still a top contender. The economy is another major issue, and Obama has made little head way in this area. Things are looking better, and the president is trying to wind down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Many people are concerned about the recession the country is in, and things don’t appear to be rebounding just yet. New home construction is still in the doldrums, and many construction workers are looking to other industries. This was one of the chief driving factors behind the boom of the late 1990′s, and has not seen any quality numbers since.

Manufacturing is another area that is slowly picking up, and consumers are beginning to buy new cars and other finished goods. Christmas is approaching, and retailers are looking at another stellar year. Most companies make their money during this time, and they’re hoping for a prosperous season.


Crime is at an all time low, and many citizens are happy about this. There have been lots of developments that have enabled more effective policing. Arrests are also down, and this can be surprising when the economy is so bad. Most people credit technology that has been applied to crime hot spots to help reduce these problems.


Another huge issue on the table is the war efforts that are currently taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq. A tremendous economic burden has been associated with the costs of these efforts. President Obama has outlined his strategy for the removal of troops from Afghanistan. He has reported that the United States has reached its goals, and is ready to begin removing members of the armed forces. He plans to remove 10,000 soldiers by the end of this year.

This would leave only 100,000 service men left in this Afghanistan. The draw down would continue at a steady pace until everybody’s out.

President Obama has said that all of the troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year. 4,400 troops have died in this country since the fighting began 9 years ago. The costs of this conflict has been more than $1 trillion dollars. This has been a tremendous burden and a drain on the economy in the past few years. Insurgency issues still can be seen in this country, and many experts believe that U.S. will keep strategists around to help for many years to come.

The biggest issues in U.S. politics at the time have to do with the upcoming presidential elections. Many are wondering whether President Obama will be reelected or whether a Republican will take over. Other things that are a concern include the war efforts that have been ongoing in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The economy is slowly recovering, though many people are still without a job. Other things include crime, and this has been one bright spot in an otherwise dismal recession wracked epoch.