US White House

What exactly are the preventative solutions is the question keeping many Americans concerned with what actually may be or, is going on in Washington these days. Looking at some of the latest issues, such as jobs, the economy, healthcare reform and security and defense issues and how current election candidates are promising to deliver a logical solution to each of these issues.

In addition, while running in the 2012 upcoming elections many candidates seems to be addressing issues rhetorically causing concern for many as they seek to answer one simple political question. What are the solutions to collectively prevent further deficit consequences?

Current Issues

Social policy and social programs seem to be the latest and hottest issues thwarting both the White House and congressional leaders alike. With relevancy, the latest issues and trends concerning and directly affecting all three branches of the government, the legislative, the executive and the judiciary seemed to have forgotten collectively the already established “Constitution”.

While waiting on what appears to be a dysfunctional congress in addressing these issues and coming up with the preventive measures to secure America’s Health, Wealth, Security and overall well-being. Arguments on the battlefield of the congressional roundtable seem to be intensifying our ever challenging deficit concerns, economically, financially and over many domestic issues as well.

Current Trends about Congress

The purpose of the “Constitution” was to ensure checks and balance between the three branches of government while each goes about its business and responsibilities. However, inside the established “Constitution” states that no single branch of these three shall single-handedly have complete power over the affairs of the nation.

Democracy in this sense has lost its true meaning when it comes rightfully down to the current issues and trends facing our nation. Democracy was invoked for this very purpose and when democracy is just, fair and equal bipartisan agreements are the outcome collectively. Democracy in this manner properly address legislative intentions across the three branches of government and when its fair democracy provides a way to constrain government abuse of power which currently seems to be the trend when looking at how congress goes about their responsibilities in coming up with preventative solutions.

The most shocking latest issue which should raise concern for all Americans alike is the fact that the “House” most recently objected a proposal to help the Nation get a grip concerning the Nations deficit’s abroad. Congress seem to want to force the law makers (that branch which makes up the “Judiciary”) to tow the fiscal line and invoke a reversal of spending and bank the savings from military defense measures in the Middle East and stop the production of printing currency that would aid America’s small business sector and help to create jobs for Americans. Congress seems to be more concerned with enforcing and creating laws to suit its legislative agenda and in this manner should raise concerns to all Americans that balance is far from being just.

Current Trends in addressing issues

Political strategies seem to be the point of focus most recently when dealing with current social policies and social programs issues. The congressional round table seems to have become a battlefield for politicians and any hopes of a bipartisan movement when speaking of the Nations financial and economical deficits clearly defines congress as a form of Dysfunctional leadership. While those legislating in current events such as the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”, Health Reform, and solutions for dealing with the economies deficits congress attempts to propose laws that would make congress superior to the judicial branch of government.

This is done when congress pushes to pass those kinds of laws that would help to clarify and support their own legislative intentions in hopes to make Supreme Court decisions inoperative and gain control of corporate America. Such a trend proves to be unconstitutional for the groups of people social policies were set in place for. Excluding the most recent budget agreement with four Republicans joining in a bipartisan stance with Democrats to not pass the latest legislation to balance America’s budget was one of the first since Obama’s presidency term.

Disagreements over social and programs policies have directly affected Americans abroad and still seem to taunt the Nations well-being and the people’s common welfare. However, this time around it will be at the expense of the super-committee allowing the spotlight to be taken off congressional leaders’ at least for the time being. Will congress continue to be prejudiced in their attempts in going about their business to come up with solutions collectively in a responsible bipartisan manner or will this not happen until after the 2012 re-election year, only time will tell.